Virus Removal Malicious Software Prevention

Virus’ and malicious software are an unfortunate part of the modern technical world. They can be anything from modified tracking cookies to inject certain types of ads into your browser, to things that can completely compromise and cripple your computer or device. This is where Virus Removal comes in.

Having an Antivirus software solution installed on your systems can help reduce the chance of you or your business systems being impacted by a Virus or malicious software outbreak. We at Thompson Technical Services are able to provide solutions and advice on what would work best in each individual situation.

Below are some examples and descriptions of the most common types of infections and malicious software:

  • Tracking Cookie: typically harmless, but are used to track what websites you go to to build up a profile of your browsing habits and interests. This information is used to target advertising to your interests.
  • Browser Hijack: these generally take over your web browser and change the way it works. They direct you automatically to compromised search engines that can lead to further infection types.
  • Trojans: they infect your computer with a small program that can track key presses so passwords, online banking details, and the like can be obtained and sent to a main server where criminals can use them.
  • Virus’: a piece of software that can damage the computer itself, it can make Windows run badly or not at all.
  • Crypto Locker: a nasty program that gets delivered through legitimate looking emails (like an Australia Post tracking email) that directs you to a compromised server that distributes the program. This program then encrypts your computer and prevents you from being able to use it. It then prompts you to pay a ransom (hundreds of dollars) to decrypt the files.

The above examples are by no means the only types of malicious software. They come in all shapes and sizes.

If your computer is behaving strangely or running slowly, it is possible it may be infected and needs some virus removal. Thompson Technical Services can help with the containment, and cleaning of infections and can provide solutions and advice to help minimise future infections.

Virus Removal Malicious software prevention

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