Hey Everyone,
There is another scam going around at the moment, this time it is a Facebook Video scam. With this scam you receive a private message from a friend that says “Are you in this video?” or something similar and it has a link to a different site. If you follow this link you will typically be asked to enter your Facebook credentials (username and password). When you do this it will give the scammers direct access to your Facebook account.
Another variation has a link to a different site that will download a malicious bit of software and infect it.

If you receive one of these messages, DO NOT CLICK on the link.
If you have already received one of these messages and have clicked on the link, IMMEDIATELY change your Facebook password.

More information on these types of scams and virus’ can be found here:

Be aware of suspicious links and messages, and if it doesn’t look or feel right, don’t click on any links. Stay safe everyone!

Facebook Video Scam!

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