Please be aware that there are a lot of Crypto locker virus’ going around at the moment and they are very nasty and can be easily run. They can encrypt your computer (documents, pictures, etc) and demand a ransom be paid to have them decrypted. Sometimes these ransoms can be $600+.
One that is going around right now is a Fake AGL Energy Bill, please refer to the following link for details. Fake AGL Energy Bill Crypto Virus Alert.

As a general word of advice, if you aren’t sure of an email and if it is legitimate or not, it is safer to not open or download them or their attachments. As the people sending out the virus’ can be very sneaky and they make their emails look legitimate.
For example, if you don’t have any services with AGL then it is unlikely they would be sending you a bill, and if you receive an email that says it is from AGL it is likely a fake, and it is safe to delete it.

If you are unsure, or need clarification on these type of things, contact us and we will help explain them for you.

Fake AGL Energy Bill Crypto Virus

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