Internet Banking is a great tool and makes life easy for millions of Australians, but it, like anything else you do online can be compromised.

Here are some great ideas to help protect your bank account:
* Review bank statements for accuracy.
* Never disclose a debit or credit card PIN (personal identification number) in email or on the phone.
* Be suspicious of strangers who ask for personal information by email or phone.
* If you’re asked to provide your Tax File number or other confidential information, make sure you know who wants the information and why.
* Be wary of email attachments and “free” software.
* Don’t use part of your Tax File number as a PIN.
* Think before you download apps, click on links or reply to email that might be harmful or fraudulent.
* Keep your laptop or mobile device’s operating system and Internet browser up to date.
* Don’t store passwords, your Tax File Number or other sensitive information on your smartphone.
* Be aware of your surroundings when you bank online and watch out for “shoulder surfers,” people who hover nearby and observe your information without your knowledge.

Use the great tools that we have, but as always be mindful of anything that doesn’t look or feel right.

Internet Banking Safety

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